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Gotta love new features! (part 1)


she sat in the water for like an hour, just staring at the water peacefully

An angel, honestly.


VOICE ACTORS NEEDED Last night I had an idea, and I’ll be needing voice actresses for the next Eriu/Mora animation. I have no storyboard yet, not even a script done (as I barely came up with it yesterday, pft), I’ll be posting them later.
If you’d like to do the voice acting for this project, email me at You can attach some examples of your voice acting, if you please. I’d love to hear it.
For those who’d like to try, below I include a short description of what I’ll be needing.
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HERE’S THE SCRIPTI’m taking my time with picking the actors, you can still audition for this project :D

Where to go  by Bogdan Panait



i don’t watch dang rope or know much about the characters but this


is so fucking funny because the pigtailed girl was just fucking speared all over the place and the chick on the left reacts like an appropriate human being but paleface mcgee over there looks like she just noticed a slight dent in her car bumper and is wondering how it got there

all three girls pictured are kinda close to being serial killers. dangan ronpa

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